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Jubilant abstraction

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Turning her back on concepts, provocations, trends, bubbles, and baloney that clutter contemporary art, Bleue Roy's abstract painting fuses, bursts, overflows genres and laughs.

"Insurgent, reckless, Bleue Roy, pioneer of jubilant abstraction, escapes her era and therein lies her dignity."

Rudy Ricciotti.

For the first time, a deluxe bilingual edition traces the career of a fierce artist through more than a hundred color reproductions. Bleue Roy Jubilant Abstraction reveals to a wide audience the spectacular works of a daring colorist, her Monochromes, her collages, the turbulent Zags and the acrobatic Zzou.

Bilingual edition, English/French
Introduction by Ruddy Ricciotti
Text by Michel Persitz
Hardcover, 24x29cm, 128 pages

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Les Zags

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Les Zags. 2019
A4 format
38 pages
16 color plates
Metal spiral binder.

Empreintes 1979 - 1999

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Empreintes. 1979 - 1999
Softcover, 24x24cm, 54 pages
37 color reproductions
4 short stories. French & English.
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